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12-31-2012, 11:37 AM
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Why did York Simcoe win the Marlies Classic? They play a super physical game and beat teams up. There forwards are big. #84 Knott impressed the heck out of me, he is rarely mentioned. This kid leaves everything on the ice, he is a leader the way he plays. His feet are extremely good. This guy is a hockey player, appears to be tough as nails. Barrow and Harding I like too and also #86 Jesse Weimer, this YSE team had hunger. YSE is the most physical team Ive seen this year and one of the biggest forward groups that use there body. Not a ton of high end skill up front, but they wear u down, they take one on one battles very seriously.

Some of the higher rated Ontario players lack desire and its worrisome. U are born with desire and your born with the hate of losing. U can do pep talks by your coach and your team leaders but they are artificial in a sense. The player that hates losing whether its a card game, scrabble, mini-putt, etc. has an edge over everyone. Will power/compete level is so darn important. Id take a lesser skilled guy that loves hockey and gives up his body physically everynight because passion, willpower and competitive fire, fuel him. U have a few highly skilled guys that dont give effort all over the place. This is not good for a team atmosphere.

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