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12-31-2012, 12:07 PM
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Marner - not at #15 agreed. Forgot all about Kirwan, which by the way has played with Henley several times, adds total different outlook on your assessment of pick..100%! Kirwan, bigger than all named above actually, and is as massive if not more than Werenski, is for sure top 5 pick for a forward! He will continue to grow as well probably due to not only to genetics but a bone condition. Another reason why Spencer, as good as you may feel he is, will not be 3rd. Now you have Kirwan to consider as a matchup with McDavid. Greenway (which this convo was a topic at breakfast this morning amongst my boys who played with Greenway and found your match up with McDavid hilarious) will maybe go top 10 but that would primarily be for size..thats about it my friend. As for Henley, if you knew him as well as you may think, you would have been made aware of his talent and skill from years ago and the progress he just keeps attaining. In Canada, the Henley kid you're just learning about, in the States, he's a household name that is ranked and has been with Noah Hanifin and Werenski for years. There is not too many Hockey knowledgable people that are unfamiliar with Henley. Also, in case you are just learning of him, Henley has played with the 97 Birthyear..1 year. he has played with the 96 class from day 1. And has played against Canadians McDavid; Lindo; Addesi; Bennett and all of last years OHL 96 draft picks. Henley has also played with or against the 95s already in the O. Hence he has some experience playing agains your top guys from years ago and knows some of their style types. Henley actually plays down to the 97 level which hinders his ability to display his full potential, which is what you have been seeing. This was my reason for telling you that you are unfamiliar with both Henley and Greenway. Henley is pretty much classified as a 96 per say in the States, from having only playing with his age class 1 year. The players he's associated with were drafted last year and a few from the year before. Henley would be on the same train as Werenski because they've played one another for years as has Kirwan. But will agree with you on Marner 100%.
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100 % agreed on MArner not going #15. Marner doesnt get in the first round. Mid to late second possibly, he should go in the 3rd round. Last year Marner would have been a fourth rounder. He is 5-6 125. I hate pointing out size becuase its out of the players hands, but it is what it is.

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