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12-31-2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Well, let's say each team saves $10M on the cap. But the top ten teams cumulatively lose an extra $100M in new sharing. So that breaks about even. Plus they lose a thumpload on this season going kaput, and the downside of future lost interest.

So yeah, the big market teams are probably losing here. But 2/3 of the league doesn't do revenue sharing, so they're probably gaining on the whole.
Keep in mind those teams were spending close to twice the league average prior to the cap (04 was ~44m, they were mostly in the 65-77m range). So while they may only be saving 13% on salaries from the old CBA to the new one (~8m using the midpoint), they're still spending less than the 100-120m they'd likely be spending without the cap.

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