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12-31-2012, 12:11 PM
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From Indonesia. 2013 is awesome. You'll find out in like 11 hours. It's so super-sweet, **** is wicked. ****ing fireworks all over this place.

I LIVE IN THE FUTURE!!! Just call me Marty fucing McFly! I'm a god damned time traveler. 11 hours in the future, sucks to live in the past like a sucker!1

You guys need to check Southeast Asia for New Years. SO MANY FIREWORKS. Like 180 degree panorama, and all you can see is gunpowder being ignited in the sky in any direction you look. It's awesome.

****ing get over here for newyears, you asshholes. It's awesome. You are missing out! So many fireworks and cheap hotels! And it's so cheap! You can live like kings!

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