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12-31-2012, 12:27 PM
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I'll give my thoughts on some of the players now as I most likely won't watch the relegation round games (if that's even possible).

Ristolainen: Imo the best player of the team, and the best defenceman on the ice in all games he played. Good in both ends of the ice. Had a physical presence and sometimes got called on it. Overall very pleased with his play. He had the highest +/- on the team and was the only dman along with Pokka with a positive +/--

Teräväinen: The best forward for team Finland. Had a poor showing against Sweden, but was good in the other games. Showed good hands, a good shot, and distributed the puck well on the power play. Sometimes tried to carry puck alone into the offensive zone and turned it over and it was a bit too easy to knock him off the puck.

Armia:In the Sweden game he showed why he was on the team. When he's on his game he's deadly. Excellent shot and he showed some nice playmaking on the powerplay aswell. In the second and third periods against Sweden he and Barkov had good pressure in the swedish zone. Needs far more consistency, but to his credit he stepped up in an important game. Overall a slight disappointment, but we knew what we were getting.

Barkov:Was a slight disappointment, but still I must say that in my opinion he outplayed all other draft eligibles he has come up against so far (apart from Ristolainen). Showed glimpses of his skill, especially in the later periods of the Sweden game and somewhat in the Switzerland game too. Was good on the dot and decent on the powerplay. Shorthanded he was good positionally, but could have been more aggressive. Played well defensively, at least compared to the rest of the team. He'll have his chance again next year (hopefully).

Määttä:Was disappointing, not at all as good as he was in the pre-tournament games. Was mostly stable in the defensive end, but didn't contribute much offensively. Was very poor in the Sweden game, but I'll attribute that to illness. Was still decent overall, but decent for Määttä is a disappointment.

Pokka:Played to his level. Was a little insecure in his own end, but it improved game for game. Offensively he was better than Määttä, and should have been on the powerplay from the start. Had a positive +/- which is impressive considering the circumstances.

Lindbohm:Played as well as he had to. Seemed confident enough in his own end and wasn't lost offensively even though his contributions were limited. He exceeded my expectations, and fit in well in the top-4.

Lehkonen:Had a goal immediately to start the tournament, after that he had no impact whatsoever. Was weak on the puck and made some bad plays, but overall he wasn't a liability. His current style of play seems to be suited to a low tempo game (as in FEL), where he can outwork opponents with his energy. Ofcourse, that should improve with more strenght, when that playing style will work when his opponents also have a higher tempo. Should be better next year.

Granlund:Was bad. Had some points but other than that he failed to reach his level. Began well in the Latvia game and played decently against the Swiss, but for Finland to have had a shot he had to play better. Got outmuscled constantly, played poorly defensively and seemed to play triggerman on a line with Armia.

Salomäki:The biggest disappointment. Took unnecessary penalties, failed to create space for his line and didn't manage to finish of plays. Probably had some decent play too, but I fail to recall any examples.

As for the rest: the fourth line mostly did it's job and was rather consistent, Korpisalo played decently, but that is not enough. The defenders outside the top-4 were from time to time terrifying to watch, but also had stretches of completely decent play. Järvinen, Nykopp and Leino, varied good play with bad. Overall the biggest blame however falls on the coaching. I feel they tried too hard to force a certain playstyle, when it clearly didn't work, they failed to prepare the team and keep up energy and the constant switching of lines (although some might argue for it) made the team unable to form any chemistry.

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