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12-31-2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
Do a search and find your answers.

In a pure business sense, Philly should have been traded. He's clearly past his best before date, and if you can't see that...sorry for you.

Besides, I haven't seen anyone advocate the trading of Phillips here. Have you?

Apples and pairs mon frere.

The whole idea of re-acquiring Redden is for depth. For veteran leadership. Two things he can still offer.

Nobody is saying sign Redden and the cup is ours, just let's think about the possibility of signing a guy that has a significant history with our franchise, and that probably still has enough left in the tank to contribute in a diminished role, and at the same time can be a positive influence on our young guys of the future.

I hate all these "cola" comments, which seem to have been deleted.

Most of you can't imagine this, but if you're a young guy, getting paid, a local celebrity with women available 24/'re going to take the high road?


I don't care if Redden ever took drugs or not. Given his circumstances at the time...if he what? Are the rest of us above that temptation?

Most of us PAY to play hockey in whatever rec league. None of us really know what it's like to be a teenager / young adult with millions of dollars, fame and a bunch of predatory females after our wallets.

In any event, Reds would be the old guy / vet on the team now. He's married, etc.

If he is still caught up in the party life, assuming he ever was, then he has more problems than trying to find a paycheck somewhere.

These rumors about him, true or not, are in the distant past.

I'd welcome Wade back in an instant. Even if he has a past history of excess, he could be a guy to dissuade the younger guys on the team from slipping in to that life.

IF he becomes available, I'd be happy to see Wade back in Ottawa.
Redden won't be signed in Ottawa, Murray knew he was done years ago when he wanted to trade him and Redden vetoed. The Sens have Alfie, Phillips, Gonchar, Spezza and Neil to provide veteran leadership.

Redden serves no purpose, as a matter of fact probably a negative as he would just take up the space for Boro or Gryba.

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