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Originally Posted by double5son10 View Post
Parent lacked "staying power" but you bring up Mike Richter? Haha, that's funny. The OP is "Hasek in his prime", not "Was Hasek feared as a 40+ year old has-been being carried by a superior team?" Parent didn't exactly drop off from hanging around too long. He suffered two major injuries, one that cost him most of a season and possibly a Flyers dynasty, the other that ended his career. Parent was just as feared in his prime as Hasek was in his, yes, even if it wasn't as long a prime, and yes, more than Mike Richter ever was. But whatever, moving along...
Hasek WAS Feared into his 40's. He was never a has-been... except maybe in his last season. In Ottawa for only half a season (we would have won the Cup.. fffffing abductor muscle!) he was unfreaking believable. Not quite like he was in Buffalo but not that far off. That Ottawa team was stacked but they left Hasek hanging all the time... they gave up tons of odd man chances playing offence first and Hasek Routinely bailed them out... and had as good of numbers as anyone.... after the lockout... when he was past 40.

It is laughable to say he had a short career. He played in the Canada Cup at age 20 and was one of the best KHL Goalies at 46. I personally have no doubt he could have succeeded in the NHL from draft age if he wasn't behind the iron curtain.

He had that sick prime.... the best of any goalie ever from age 29-36. I normally do not give injury credit or missing time credit or whatever... but it is clear to me Hasek would have been a top 3 goalie in the NHL for like 20 years+... every year... if not for the fact he started behind the iron curtain.

It is insulting to call Hasek a has-been.. or being lifted up by a superior team. He is full credit for his Cup win in Detroit. Hasek way be crazy... and he may refuse to play if he is not 100% and fully able to play his Hasek-Gumby-Yoga-Rubberman style. But he was never a has been. In fact I think his refusal to play with injuries that maybe others would have played with is because his pride would not let him go out on the ice unless he could be his best and THE best. He simply could not hang on to be a has-been... he couldn't even stand to let any pucks in in practice.

Give me Hasek in any game from 1985 to like 2006... and he is likely the best goalie in that game. Only Roy could come close.

And as to Detroit and Ottawa and his late career.... Hasek might not have been as feared as he was in Buffalo... but he was feared... and the match-up was feared because not only do you have to face Hasek and good luck on getting more then 2 goals... you faced the best offences in the league that would tear you apart.

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