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12-31-2012, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Qward View Post
Redden was a +player every year with the exception of 1 with us. Even then, he was a minus 1.

Mandy just doesn't want him back because as soon as a player hits 30 he is dead in Mandy's eyes.
no but they are old

Redden just plain sucks. Average AHL d-man, you can't expect him to be top 4 in the NHL. Please. Remember his last season in New York. He's worse than that now. Scary.

Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Lehner absolutely needed more time in the AHL. Even this year, Lehner NEEDED to spend time in the AHL. He needed it. He needed to tart games. Look at how he's doing? He's dominating. He needed one solid year of dominant play in the AHL. He needed the confidence. He needed to show the consistency. He's doing that now. We had no idea the lockout would go into January. Bishop provided the insurance we needed to let Lehner develop properly. He would be the NHL backup, and give Lehner the time he needed to have that year long stretch of play that would really separate him from the pack. I think if Lehner is in the NHL this year as a backup, and isn't allowed to really shine as an everyday starter, it really, REALLY hurts his development.

I don't give a **** about Lehner as a backup goalie
. Like, not even a little. He's not a backup. I care about him as our next starting goalie. And to that effect, I want to give him every chance and every opportunity to be the best starter he can be... and in my mind that absolutely includes starting as many games as possible. Bishop lets him do that, at the moment. He's a huge reason why Lehner is dominating right now, IMO: a kick in the arse to motivate him, as well as (if the lockout hadn't happened) allow him to start a ton of games in the AHL.

Goalies develop by starting games when they're young. Not by riding the pine as an NHL backup. I'm 150% behind the Bishop trade, even if he never plays another game for us.
Lehner has dominated in the past in the AHL. We knew he was capable of it, and he played extremely well in the NHL too.

Even in 2011-12, I thought it wasn't really necessary to sign Auld. But I thought well for sure he'll be in the NHL in 2012-13. But then they got Bishop

There is Zero need. He's NHL ready.

Even if you think Lehner should in the AHL this year, regardless of the lockout, just to play many games, you don't give up a 2nd rounder in a deep draft for a backup. There's no way around it. Sign a backup goalie in free agency or give up a 6th rounder. Not a 2nd rounder.

Anderson = #1 goalie of the present
Lehner = #1 goalie of the future who is ready/almost ready

Bishop won't play many games. He will never get the Sens the value of a 2nd round pick back if they flip him.

And finally, Lehner and Anderson could split games in the NHL. Lehner wouldn't be riding the pine.

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