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12-31-2012, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
Glad Smith is gone, he is a horrible talent evaluater and needed to go.
Although I think Mularkey will ulimately be gone when a new GM comes in it is unfair to blame a 2-12 on him. He had zero talent to work with thanks to Smith's complete draft failures. Nobody can win with no talent.
Take a look at where the previous batch of coaches are that also could do nothing with Smith's picks. Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter may all be shaking hands during warm ups at the Super Bowl.
I was never a fan of drafting Gabbert but he got put in a tough situation with Garrard bailing 2 days before the season started last year. (Yes I know he was cut, but he went to JDR and GS and told them he didn't want to play anymore). Gabbert was never brought in to start right away and wasn't given the coaching time as someone who was coming in to start. Then he got thrown to the wolves behind a horrible O line with a cast of receivers that were underwhelming at best.
I do think he needs to go because he is ruined in that organization. Maybe new scenery will restart the kids career.
Mike Smith left for a Head coaching gig that he absolutely deserved, Jack Del Rio got canned after essentially quitting on the team. As for Koetter, I'm not sure what the make of him. He always felt way too conservative and unwilling to take the reigns off of the offense, but seeing what he's done with Atlanta is pretty impressive and makes me wonder if maybe JDR tried to keep him in check. Granted, Jags have never had the type of personnel ATL has had, but seeing what he's doing really makes you wonder what was going on.

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