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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
Yup. That's why i'm hoping for an early draft pick this year, keep the prospects flowing and perhaps able to join the team shortly - and make a contribution.
Unfortunately, with our team it looks like we will be picking anywhere from 10 - 20 for the next few years. I think we are going to have to be very proactive mining other org's for diamonds in the rough. Guys that other teams have given up on or who don't really fit in with the club's plans or roster planning can turn out to be real contributor for another team and may help us build up depth in the areas of or org that are thin.

Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
McCambridge was rough on him on an interview with H & L. He said Klinger is going to have to figure out that to get to the next level he is going to have to be tough to play against "every night" not one night banging and the next night tip toeing into the corners.

I know it sounds simple but it's why I like TNSE drafting players with high character high compete levels. Every player is going to have slumps but you need the consistency in effort. the part that drives me the most insane is when prospects or top talent have a questionable work ethic and commitment level.
I know I'm the most frustrated with a team that has talent and no compete. The Oilers of the around 98 to 05 were normally thin on top end talent but you loved to watch them because they were quick, hard working and gritty. You knew you were going to get total effort from them.

The Oilers of the past 5 or 6 years were so frustrating to watch. More talent, but soft, lazy and uninspired most nights. Getting pushed around, run out of their own rink, and generally disinterested in doing what it took to win.

If the Jets end up being a big, mean, aggressive team with evenly distributed talent throughout I will be pretty happy to watch, even if we don't have any 'superstars'.

Back on topic, again I think we can improve the Ice Caps roster through creative drafting of already pro players. I think this organization is already familiar with that approach.

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