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Originally Posted by TheFinnishKulemin View Post
Jones doesn't take top spot for me. Drouin moves up to second and Jones and Barkov drop a spot each.

I have just been totally unimpressed by Jones' defensive game. Its been bad. There's no other way of putting it. He's not only been on for 3 of the 4 goals against the Americans but he's been crucially responsible for two of them. he's lost the puck multiple times in his own end, far more than should be acceptable of someone as highly rated as him. He's taken some bad penalties and blown coverages. His defensive game has been bad.

His offense has been pretty good. Jumping up in the play and making decent passes in the offensive zone plus good shots. But its not enough to be picked one overall in my mind. Trouba has been a much better player in both offensive and defensive aspects.granted he's a few moths older but at still.

Even in the pre tourney game , Jones was men against Finland.and running his mouth about the us being the best team in ufa.

Only points and pluses came against Germany? Come on. Dudes been less than impressive. I can't be the only one who thinks this
Performance at the WJC /= how good they are of a prospect. You look at their skillsets and for me, up until now, Jones is #1.

He has elite nhl skating
elite nhl size
nhl aggressiveness
elite nhl shot
nhl hands and passing
nhl iq

Defense may not be fully ready but its okay. He is young and can work on it. Playing against a pumped team canada doesn't help you. Especially if you make a mistake early, it usually gets you off your game.

Jones looks to be a bigger and faster phaneuf (and I would love that). And to be honest, I think his iq is better than has been displayed in this tournament. Thats why I rank him No. 1.

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