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12-31-2012, 01:58 PM
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I was league champion in 2011 after I was unable to log in on draft day and had my team auto-picked. The auto-pick awarded me one single QB and that was Peyton Manning, as a 5th round selection IIRC.

I'm one of those fanatical trade/waiver wire managers, so my team on the final day ended up being 100% different from what I started with, but some of the highlights included trading Jamaal Charles for Maurice Jones-Drew the week that Charles tore his ACL, then losing Britt to an ACL tear the week after...

My QB shuffled around through the early part of the season before eventually settling on Tim Tebow, who despite not putting up stellar numbers proved to be my lucky charm as I went undefeated after acquiring him.

I also got pretty lucky, overall, because I finished with the lowest total points against in the league.

Moral of the story... draft your team.

Moral of the story for 2012, if you draft your team don't trade it away...

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