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12-31-2012, 02:19 PM
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There has to be a big expansion, if the NHL comes back? Some of the existing teams doesn't even have stable ownership.

And these markets you proposed doesn't have an arena.
KC is ready; but without an owner, it's just an appetizer not a meal.
QC is ready; but without a building, it's just a proposal.
Seattle too,
Atlanta is a good choice, if you want a TV deal, but an arena would be nice, because Philips Arena is still and ASG property. And they need an owner that KNOWS the business of hockey, not someone who "wants to own the team."
Houston is a great choice. Houston Aeros.
Portland is also a good choice, same situation with Seattle.
An expansion in Southern Ontario would be great. The anti Leafs fans would have another team to cheer. Markham or Hamilton is a okay, there's not much difference. Although Markham would have the upper hand with that brand new arena.

I'll add Milwaukee and Salt Lake. When it comes to expanding NHL teams, I like to look at teams without NFL, MLB, or NBA teams, if it's a really large city we still need to assess it.

Owners. Arenas. Markets. Things to look at before jumping the gun, it should take 10-20 years before an expansion. I personally would prefer big cities with AHL or at least whatever hockey teams, to really grasp how things would work. And I'm talking about Houston, it's time for them to graduate.

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