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12-31-2012, 02:37 PM
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Yeah, I think Harrison and Woodley sort of feed off each other. One will get consistent easier match-ups when the other dominates for a stretch but neither really got on that kind of roll this year.

Although to play devils advocate, I've always wondered how productive one of them would be if it was just one of them on the team and that one was featured like a Clay Mathews or DeMarcus Ware. Those guys don't have a great pass rusher on the opposite side but because of that they are the clear featured pass rusher for their teams. They rush the QB much more, drop into coverage much less and are moved around everywhere. They don't just come them from the same side all the time like Harrison and Woodley. Having both Harrison and Woodley probably splits up the pass rush opportunities a bit.

I also think Ziggy Hood factors into this. I won't bash Ziggy Hood as much as most do. I think he's a lot more serviceable than he gets credit for despite having some bad games here and there like the KC one but overall the D was ranked top 2 against the run and likely couldn't be ranked that high if he were really that terrible. That said, he isn't Aaron Smith and that probably effects Woodley quite a bit because Smith commanded much more attention and bodies from the O-Line which freed up Woodley a lot more.

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