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Here is a rundown of Luke Kirwan's current team roster birthdates: EJHL Islanders

6 players born 1992
11 players born 1993
4 players born 1994
3 players born 1995
0 players born 1996
1 player born in 1997

*Kirwan is 6-2 215 all muscle, looks 25 yrs old. One of his team-mates turns 21 in a few weeks. He is the second heaviest player on his team behind a 6-6 220 , 93 born Dman. His birthdate is September 24/1997. He just turned 15 and his height and weight was posted as a 14yr old. Kirwan has an OHL shot and beyond right at this current time. Kirwan has the hardest shot in this draft, if he comes here, no doubt about it. The kid has extremely strong skating and stick skills and is a major physical presense. Does that sound like anyone in Ontario? Nope. If Kirwin comes here he is gone VERY VERY EARLY. Top 2-3-4 , probably earlier than Greenway, could go back to back one or the other. Reporting to certain teams will be the only thing holding these 2 out of the top 5. Kirwan currently un-commited, rumblings he is coming.

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