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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
I don't really buy the 'diluted talent pool' thing. As the world's population grows, and number of registered hockey players grows, wouldn't you think the size of the world's hockey talent pool is steadily increasing? The number of registered hockey players grew by 50,000 last year.[backPid]=10&cHash=e9cb081d53

And when you consider that today's athletes are constantly evolving...with better training, nutrition, and sheer size, speed and athleticism than ever before, I feel the 'diluted talent pool' view, is a view through rose-colored glasses. I honestly feel that if a decent-to-good NHL team, say a team like the Predators, time-warped back to the mid-90's, they'd probably be a cup contender. Because I feel the average player is better...not worse when you put all the pieces together. Just IMHO.
I agree entirely. I honestly get a kick out of people that use the diluted talent pool argument, I honestly think it couldn't be further from the truth, that the talent pool in the NHL right now is as good as it's been in a long time.

The depth in the league is to the point where a lot of quality players and prospects are getting buried in the minors or heading overseas simply due to lack of opportunity in the NHL. Just looking at goalies for an example, over the past few years alone we've had Cory Schneider, Brayden Holtby, Craig Anderson, Brian Elliott, and Jimmy Howard buried by depth. Expand by two teams and I guarantee that there's at least enough goalies that could take that opportunity and run with it: Bernier, Lehner, Harding, Enroth, etc. There's enough quality out there that someone will be able to take the opportunity and become a star. Goalie's hardly the only position where that's the case, just the most glaring instance because of the propensity for talents to get buried.

But we don't need some huge expansion to 36 teams. That just reeks of a desperation "look at me, we're making news" mentality.

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