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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I'm actually a Physics teacher
You saved me from doing my job, so I appreciate it.

Galaxy is one of those names I'm so torn on. I don't care for the name in general, but the singular part of the name doesn't really bother me because of the sheer scope of what a Galaxy entails. On the other side I love it because of the fact that it really is a clever name. Only LA could pull off that name. On a similar note I give the Chicago Fire a pass because of the fact that, you know, the whole Great Chicago Fire thing. I hate the name Heat, both by Abbotsford and Miami. The Miami Heat get extra derision considering they entered a league that already had a team named the Suns in it for two damn decades.

Soccer team names in general I don't care for. I prefer teams to just go with the FC or whatever and have the nicknames be informal (like with Manchester United...United isn't the nickname, Red Devils is). Throw in the fact that half of these teams were named in the danger zone of awful marketing that was the mid-90s and there were a ton of awful and forced nicknames. As much as I hate Real Salt Lake Sporting Kansas City as a name, it's a million times better than Kansas City Wiz. I'd really rather the Galaxy just be formally named LAFC and have the nickname Galaxy be informal.

There are a few singular/non-S ending team names that work...I don't hate the Colorado Avalanche and I honestly like the name Tampa Bay Lightning...but when you start going into stuff like 'Wild' or 'Impact'...ugh.


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