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Originally Posted by JetsFlyHigh View Post
Canada's pop growth is mainly because of immigrants. I'm an immigrant myself, from a tropical country, and look at me now, I love hockey. Might force my kids to play hockey in the future. Statistics can only tell the numbers, but it doesn't speak.
Huh? The statistics are pretty clear. Canada's immigrant population cares about hockey significantly less, on average, than the native-born population. That doesn't mean many immigrants don't become enthusiastic hockey supporters. Your anecdote says nothing about the statistics. You love hockey. Good for you.

You sound like the people who deny that smoking is a health risk by saying they knew a guy who smoked his whole life and lived to be 90. Yeah, that happens. That's how statistics work. Women are shorter than men on average, but some women are really tall and some men are really short. You can't point to a 6 ft tall woman and claim that men aren't taller than women on average. That'd be insane.

Baseball has faced some similar problems. Some demographic groups have sharply lower levels of interest in playing baseball. In particular the % of black kids playing has dropped. That doesn't mean there still weren't large #s of black kids who loved baseball and played it and followed the sport. It would be silly for baseball to ignore the data and insist everything was fine.

Denying reality is rarely wise. Reality always wins in the end. A good definition of reality is - it's the stuff that, even if you don't believe it, doesn't go away.

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