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12-31-2012, 03:49 PM
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There's no pending injury information (Ninkovich) that would lead me to pick against New England next round. Going in I will pick them against any of the three, and only one opponent concerns me at all.

Colts- would be the most ideal matchup of all three. They can't defend the run, they force very few turnovers, and they can't match a shootout with the Patriots. I'd predict another blowout.

Texans- I've concluded, just can't match up right now. The secondary isn't as good as people thought, JJ Watt can be slowed down by BB, and they just can't slow down the offense enough. Schaub can't be count on in a big game based on last two weeks, and I think they're just soft overall. Weak stuff down the stretch.

Ravens- concern me some. You can say alot of the same things about them as the Texans as far as pass defense and QB play. But here's concerns that would scare me

1. History- Going back to 2007 every meeting has come down to the final play except 2009 Wild Card game. Odds are it's a nail biter in the 4th. They will not be scared or intimidated, definately the most confident of any of three possible teams comming in

2. QB pressure- They can get it frontline inside (Ngata) or outside (Suggs). Can't gameplan one player like Watt.

3. Ray's - Ray Rice is the most explosive, fastest player on either team. Any handoff can go for 6 points.
Inspirational stuff aside, cause I don't completely buy it beyond first play or two, but what Ray Lewis does is similar to Talib's impact on Pats secondary. It gives guys more comfortable, difinitive roles on that defense. Guys are no longer out of place in his absense.

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