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12-31-2012, 03:53 PM
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Some things I don't get

1. Why do the owners act like they are bleeding money from every orifice then create rules that will allow them to spend x amount of millions of dollars to release a player from his contract and get nothing in return, what if the teams collectively buy out 100 million in contracts to get under the new cap......averaging 3.3 million per team this year ( some more some less )

2. The latest "proposal" from the NHLPA which I do like, but its a little late in the game to bring to the table: the collective revenue and the NHL's expansion and relocation ( wrong thread but I will touch on it here ) is that just a big F YOU to Bettman alone

can somebody clarify this

3. If we bought out lets say Kesler, could we resign him for lets say league minimum for the remainder of his contract and have his 4 million off the cap?????? Is this a rule that can get brutalized

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