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12-31-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by RedRenegade View Post
Maybe Cousins could become our new Charles Oakley?

I didn't know about his triple double, that's impressive. He can pass though. I've seen him make a lot of nice passes to kick it out to the 3-line when he's doubled or there's nothing available down low. Are his off court issues really that bad? I know he's sort of got a bad&** tough guy look to him but I hadn't heard of anything specific happening away from the court.
He's not a criminal...but he has a bad temper and will go off on coaches. He'd probably go off on Casey the minute Casey puts in Kleiza at the 4...which maybe wouldn't be so bad.

If Bargs and filler could get you DMC, I'd do it but I want to see him do well so I'm hoping he goes to Boston like rumoured.
Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
Quick question who is the best prospect in NBA atm?
The NBA isn't really like hockey, no one refers to players past their draft as "prospects". Anthony Davis isn't really a prospect, neither is MKG or any of the other guys.

Wiggins and Parker could be referred to as prospects I guess. Best young player in the NBA however I'd go with Kyrie at the moment.

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