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Originally Posted by scotchex View Post
The Bills aren't Toronto's team. Toronto considers itself in a class above Buffalo. It's the biggest, most powerful, most important city in Canada. Buffalo isn't the most important city in it's own state.

If the Bills relocated to Toronto and became the Toronto Bills (or something else) -- fan interest would explode overnight.

It'd be like if the San Diego Chargers had a deal to play some games in LA. LA considers itself above San Diego. LA wants its own team, not the scraps from a smaller, lesser city.

What's holding up an NFL team in Toronto is politics -- not economics or fan interest. An NFL team in Toronto is a mortal threat to the CFL. Toronto would benefit but the rest of Canada would suffer -- at least that's what they fear.
Overnight I agree it would explode. However, two years down the road when they're still playing at Rogers Center with no atmosphere, nowhere to tailgate, and have yet to make playoffs, fan interest would dwindle.

I disagree with you, economics is most certainly what is holding up an NFL team in Toronto. Who will pay for a multi-million, if not billion, dollar stadium (with only 8 home games a year)? Who is going to own and pay the expansion/relocation fee? how many viewers in the States are going to tune into the Toronto games (ie: take for example the Blue Jays and Raptors viewership south of the border). CFL viewership would still be more than NFL, even if Toronto did get a team.

Not to mention the untapped markets in LA and Mexico City

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