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12-31-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
Did you not imply the Oil will have to settle for "scraps" as return in a Gagner trade because the Bruins did so with Hamill, citing them as comparables based on size, draft status and player type. Except you may have overlooked the fact that Gagner made the NHL as an 18yr old and never looked back (221pts in 366 games), whereas Hamill has never once shown the ability to be an every day NHLer (4 pts in 20 career games). You don't find your suggestion a bit hyperbolic?

It's already been pointed out that there are very few teams that he would be a 2nd line centre on, but the fact that he would be a 2nd line C on a handful of teams should legitimize his status as a 2nd line C (albeit not an ideal one, but one nonetheless). He didn't look too bad on the wing with Spezza and Tavares, and that may ultimately be where he finds success. At the end of the day, you have an undersized player with average skating, sub par defensive awareness, above average offensive awareness, average shot and high end puck skills. For the most part, an average NHLer, which I completely understand doesn't excite the HF community. But to cast him off as worthless (which so many seem to do) seems odd to me. We get it, your team has unreal depth at centre, so much so that a stud young gun like Seguin is forced to play wing. Our team isn't as fortunate, but as I posted before I am one of a number of Oiler fans fine with giving Gagner another season, mainly because I think we still haven't seen his best hockey. At the same time, if an opportunity to acquire someone better presented itself, we'd be foolish not to.

Also, you seem to have him pegged as a 40 pt player. His career ppg average is .6, which pro-rated over an 82 game season is 49 pts. Keeping in mind these numbers were accumulated between the ages of 18-22, at times playing on the 3rd and 4th lines with questionable line mates, is it really a stretch to think a guy who is still yet to enter his prime and now has a better supporting cast might put up 55+ pts?
Great post. Unfortunately, so often on HF, logic based posts are ignored. I hope this one is not.

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