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12-31-2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by jkrdevil View Post
I don't think it will nearly as much damage as you believe. Especially since it doesn't look like thenleague is going to lose the playoffs, which is almost the only thing that matters. By the time the playoffs come around thisnwill be forgotten about by and large.

Missing the first couple months due to a lockout is better than missing the same amount of time dur to a late season players strike with it wiping out the playoffs.
True, the NHL will have preserved the most important part of their season, and that will help them save some face for sure. But I don't think the recovery is going to go as smoothly as it did the last two times. The worst thing to come out of round #3 between these idiots is that the greed factor is just so damn excessive this time around. I mean business is business, it is what it is, but both sides just look real bad. You can't help but notice the feeling of apathy hovering around this entire process, and imho, that's even worse than people being pissed off.

Fans of the game will continue to be fans of the game, but I suspect a significant amount are going to choose to be fans from a distance. That's the stance I'm taking at least. However long it takes me to warm up to this league again, who knows, but it will definitely be happening from my living room and not inside of an arena. I just can't fork my money over to this business in good conscious. It just feels wrong.

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