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12-31-2012, 04:49 PM
b in vancouver
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Smyth fits to a T the kind of player I hope the Bruins pick up if there's a shortened season this year. Big body, tough to get off the puck, veteran, capable of scoring 20-30 goals in a year, excellent on the power play, slot him anywhere into the top 9 or even shorten his minutes sometimes. Would help tire defenders out and allow Lucic and Horton to run rampant. -Iginla would be another.

For those saying he's not enough of an upgrade on Caron. I disagree. I haven't seen Caron play this year but I don't even think they're comparable at the moment. The Oil fan are right that Smyth was over-used in the 1st half of the season last year and seemed to burn-out. That wouldn't be a problem this year.

As far as the cap. That's why I would like the Bruins to go all in this year while they can afford their full roster. If you have to then you can trade him back to Edmonton for pennies on the dollar like a sixth round pick in 2018 if you need to - but I think he would definitely help them make a run for another Cup, especially when they run up against the likes of some of these teams that just drop 5 guys back into the crease and try to block shots.

Edmonton fans.
I kind of thought of a few players you might be interested in - Boychuk, Khudobin, Subban - but Boston can't afford to give up Boychuk this year and Subban doesn't help you soon enough.

I thought you would be more excited about having Khokholachev to play with Yakupov. He's the forward prospect on the Bruins I'm most excited to watch and see what happens. Moreso than Spooner, Knight or Caron. I think he's going to be an excellent 2nd line player, at wing or centre - and I've only ever been wrong most of the time.

I also thought the Oilers would prefer to get some more players in their system sooner then waiting on picks forever, and that 2013 is supposed to be much deeper than 2014.

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