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12-31-2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Silverback91 View Post
Again stat watching. Just because a player isn't putting up points doesn't mean he isn't playing well

Ballard is a square trying to fit into a circle hole. Take him even at his best and he isn't better than edler or hamhuis. He can't play the right side (coach tried it and he failed) so that means no matter what the guy is stuck on the 3rd pairing here.

Now our coach isn't the brightest. All he wants from his 3rd pairing is a simple chip along the boards game. Do something else you get benched or scratched. I recall situations where Ballard went end to end and right after it he would be benched for a long period of time in the game whether the rush worked or didn't work. Kind of hard to adjust when your used to 20+ min playing time and the coach doesn't want you using one of your best traits.

This is a coach that stuck with the stupid drop pass which every team had figured out last playoffs after Boston up until over half way through the season and then brought it back in the playoffs where it didn't work and just kept using it until game 4ish. The coach finally started letting Ballard rush the puck that game onwards as well as I noticed he was doing it more often and was not getting benched for it as our coach finally clued in that it was working fine and he was getting desperate.

Knowing him though he'll go back to benching Ballard for the things he does best this coming season.

This is a coach that can't figure out the obvious from game 1 against Boston I told anyone and everyone all the canucks need to do is work the pick around and use a lot of slap passes to beat Thomas. Especially utilize edler ehrhoff and salo as they have bombs and Thomas will aggressively challenge them think shot leaving a tap in for the pass reciever. Game 7 they finally try it where tanev slap passed it to a 4th line scrub who whiffed on the empty net he had. Even though he whiffed i hoped it meant the team would be doing it more often with a more skilled player recieveing the pass but nope. I acrually shouted finally when this happened as every game i had been pleading for coach av to recognize the type of goalie Thomas is and use it against him

Also little nitpick Ballard actually makes 4.2M not 4.5 and most #3-4 d-men make that today if not more. I strongly believe on another team or with a different coach Ballard could be worth that under the 70M cap although still a little pricey for the canucks but not by much. Under the 60M cap on another team i think he could easily be a 3-4 guy unless of course he gets stuck with a coach trying to change his game and takeaway some of his strongest traits

Only thing I see Ballard is not too good at which a #3 guy needs is consistency defensively. He had that back in Phoenix I remember him being a rock against the canucks back then and I don't know how he was in Florida besides being a top pairing guy. I'm sure with a confidence boost and benign allowed to play his game can bring that consistency back as well
A couple of quick points. It is Jovo who makes $4.5 million. If the cap goes to $60 million, expect a lot of changes in salary structure, including 5-6 d-men. I expect that the stars will still get their money, but we will see a lot of reductions among 3rd-4th line forwards, 5-7 d-men and 2nd stringers in goal

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