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Originally Posted by ThisYearsModel View Post
Meanwhile, the expansion into southern US markets is a failure. Why on earth are there 2 teams in Florida? Why did the league try Atlanta again? Why has this joke in Phoenix been allowed and enabled by the NHL? Why did anyone think the NY area could support 3 teams, or the LA market 2? This is all the doing of Gary Bettman.
What team in the NY area is the doing of Bettman? Anaheim came around barely after Bettman became commissioner. Tampa Bay existed before Bettman. Florida got their team before Bettman. Atlanta was tried again because of wealthy ownership at first. Then the last owner they had didn't want the team in the building they owned, so no other owner could keep the team in Atlanta.

Why is Phoenix still around? Because other than the WHA cities, the NHL hasn't had that many relocating teams in the last 30 years. Plus, as of right now, where would they move to? They could've moved to Winnipeg, but the league had a coming mess in Atlanta. Move the Coyotes to Winnipeg, and then when the Atlanta Spirit Group can finally get rid of the Thrashers, where do they go? Fold? Not many teams fold anymore. That's not a good look for a league.

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