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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
It is true we never saw Sundin quite hit the level of a 1994 Bure. Or maybe even a 2000 Bure. So I'll go with Pavel at his peak.

However, the remarkable consistency, reliability and health of Sundin has to come into play here. He would be the player you wanted for your franchise over Bure. Sundin was more of a team player, less erratic and seemed to make those around him better. Bure (much like a modern day version like Yakupov) is a guy who scored goals and wasn't thought of to do much else. Give me Sundin overall in that case, but Bure still had the best individual season
I've been working on a 30-minute package lately that can hopefully prove this statement wrong. Having watched Yakupov lately whilst putting together my next "Lost Shifts" video, I'd have to say the two can not possibly be any more different. I have a lot of footage highlighting Pavel's intellect on the PK and his ability to play in all three zones of the ice.

I won't rule out Pavel perhaps being less than interested in playing defense in his days as a Panther (that will be for a future video), but between his rookie season and ~1996, Pavel was quite savvy defensively and always very sound positionally. Pavel played with heart early in his career and did whatever he could to win. Obviously, this changed later on, perhaps after Canucks management completely ruined his interest in the team. Without a doubt, Bure in his younger years was an absolute force to be reckoned with, whether shorthanded, on the powerplay, or 5-on-5. Sundin surely could carry his team on his back, but so could Pavel. Sundin's advantage over Bure is his longevity, but Pavel's career began to derail with a freak knee injury. He would have, without a doubt, been a legend in the NHL had his career been slightly different.

The Canucks ruined him, as did those unfortunate injuries. He also lacked appropriate linemates to complement his skill. Pavel accomplished back-to-back 60 goal seasons with such linemates as Murray Craven, never having a playmaker or another terrific scorer to finish his plays. One wonders how many more goals he would have had if he had played with another top player. Surely, he would have scored at least twenty more, and with a playmaker like Gretzky or Oates, one dares to dream whether he could have surpassed #99's goal-scoring record. Though I am a Canucks fan, I resent the team for destroying this player. As a result, he has attained a reputation I just don't think justifies how excellent he was.

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