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12-31-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Fewell is nowhere near as bad as people are making him out to be. Our defensive personal is trash outside of JPP, Anvil, Prince, KPP, Rolle, and Brown. That's it. Those were the only difference makers on defense and the only guys that came to play every day. And Rolle and Brown are such big home run guys that you get strike-outs all the time with them.

This team needs a rebuild on defense. A near 100% rebuild, too. Way too much dead weight.
KPP? Man, i wish Kenny was as big as JPP. Then maybe he wouldn't be injured all the time.

I was inclined to agree with this last season. However, even though we lack defensive ability, that doesn't absolve Perry from how bad he did. For some reason he thinks lining up JPP at NT is a good idea. He doesn't blitz nearly as often as he should. The "off and soft" strategy rarely works and he never let his corners press at the line- it's not a coincidence one of the only good games C-Web had this season (I believe in GB) was when Fewell was having him press at the line.

Rolle isn't great but Fewell rarely put him in the position to make the most consistent impact.

He's not the worst coordinator in the league...but he is pretty bad and I really hope we find a replacement soon.

edit- I'm also going to voice my dislike of the new trend that turnovers are king in the NFL. Guys like Brown and Antrel shouldn't be cornerstones on D. I'd take a player like Kenny Phillips any day, but it seems the NFL is heading in that direction. I think if we rely on turnovers again we'll see another year of inconsistent, average defense.

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