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Originally Posted by tfong View Post
Bure, also his contributions in the defensive zone are vastly underrated. Bure was tough and dirty at ties when fighting for the puck in his own end but most people see him sitting at he blue line looking for a breakaway pass cuz that's all you really see in his highlights.
Early in his career, Pavel liked to establish the team's breakout, and would use his speed to his advantage to carry the puck out of the defensive zone. He would curl back to the team's own goal line several times per period, and would circle back with the puck if no outlet passes were available.

I can perhaps agree while Pavel as a Panther became renowned for cherry picking, he possessed a completely different approach to the game early in his career. He played a solid two-way game, supported the defense when his linemates would not, and would make himself available to start the team's breakout. He used his speed to explode from the defensive zone through the neutral zone with the puck, often drawing the opponent towards him. He would sometimes then circle back and sling the puck over to one of his open linemates. If nobody was there to challenge him, however, he would fly through the neutral zone and generate a great scoring chance.

Some have said that Pavel Bure circa 1992-1994 resembles Bobby Orr. It's difficult to say no to that. Pavel went coast-to-coast as often as Orr would. He's a player who I feel would have been so much better off with a team like Detroit or Pittsburgh, but who unfortunately was the lone star on an average Canucks squad. He successfully carried the team for a number of years and is adored by Canucks fans for being the greatest player in team history, but he certainly could have transcended his current reputation had he played somewhere else.

Canucks fans were thrilled to see Bure join the team. As a sixth-round pick, though, any team could have selected him. If the Canucks had not been the only team aware of his eligibility in 1989, he would have been selected much earlier in the draft. I often wonder how his career might have panned out if he had played for another team.

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