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Originally Posted by Shockmaster View Post
Are you implying the Steelers need to go from a defensive team to an offensive team? If you are, I agree - but I'm not sure the Steelers want to embrace that.
Never said that. I'm not sure how a good team is more offensive or defensive anyways. You need to be competent at both sides of the ball.

My post meant that this team needs to find a new core of players. Not entirely sure they are currently here on this roster, and when a team goes through a transition like this, sometimes they don't have an identity, and those teams tend to toil in mediocrity until they find the building blocks to build around.

Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
I'd prefer to win games.

Originally Posted by maxpenguins6630 View Post
Fire Haley and bring back Black and Yellow former OC Whisenhunt !!
I'd rather have Mike Mularkey. I also think he'd be a long term OC candidate. He's tried the HC thing a couple times, and it never works out for him. One could think he finally realizes he's meant to be on a staff and not running a staff. Very good OC, IMO, and did well here.

In terms of Woodley, I think some of his woes may be on him, but at the same rate, it's really easy to get shut down when there's absolutely no one on the other side of the line who needs to be watched. Woodley was a step slower, IMO, but I also watched him get double teamed, and sometimes triple teamed.

He needs to be better, but we need to find someone to go on the other side who needs to be respected again. This season was the first time in a very long time I can remember one of our OLB's being able to be handled solely by a left tackle. I think Harrison is shot.

Also, we don't have an Aaron Smith on his roster. I mean, nothing more needs to be said. He's the best 3-4 run stopping end this league has ever seen, and the OLB's behind him owe him a serious debt of gratitude, as he was never paid fairly for what he did for other's on this defense, IMO. Aaron Smith made a lot of guys very wealthy.

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