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12-31-2012, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by blankall View Post
So what you're saying is there is a conspiracy against Ballard?

Edler, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Salo, and even Gregnani are all allowed to play their game and rack up points. However, Ballard is relegated to getting benched unless he chips the puck up the boards every time.

That doesn't make any sense. If Ballard was making good plays, he'd be getting more opportunities, not being benched.
1st of all did u even read what i said? Only person u listed not in the top 4 was gragnani and ill get to him in a bit.

If Ballard was in the top 4 I believe our coach would let Ballard play his game as ehrhoff was allowed to rush the puck. However he is on the 3rd pairing which our coach seems to want to be a safe pairing. Why else would our coach give Aaron freaking Rome power play time? The guy listened to av and did exactly what our coach wanted from the 3rd pairing. Keep everything simple chip the puck along the boards never try to get fancy. The coach loved that Rome did that so he rewarded him with pp time and often. Want to tell me why Rome ever saw the ice during power plays if I am soo wrong?

Gragnani was a swing for the fences and its clear as day if u see how gillis has been drafting. He sees a player have a small sample where they raised their game to an elite level and thinks that could be their potential. Look at Alex grenier. Overager who burst onto the scene in the q and ripped it up buhh had less than a season in the q under his belt even as an overager yet still gillis saw what he did once he made it finally and thought he could be a gem.

David hoznik said to be raw and has always been pretty bad. Stepped up his game to an elite level in the playoffs and gillis drafts him. After the draft what do u know hoznik regresses back to his regular poor performance.

Gragnani is no different gillis saw him go above a ppg in the playoffs for the sabres and because of that saw upside. On top of that our coach was his coach in junior. This is why he was allowed to play his game as they hoped he could turn into ehrhoff based on how he raised his game in the playoffs to an insane level prior and our coach knew exactly what gragnani can and can't do while he is still not sure with Ballard as he hasn't had much time to coach him once he found him a spot on the team that he fit into.

Maybe use some insight and fully read posts and you would see what is actually going on with the defense here

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