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12-31-2012, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Vince McMahon View Post
- I hope they don't rush breaking up The Shield. They have a VERY good thing going right now and are over as ****. When they do break up, all three will be successful.

- Dolph Ziggler should win and have a good run with the World Heavyweight Championship. He should turn face too. I think being with AJ and Big E Langston is going to hurt him more than benefit him. Ziggler doesn't demand presence when he's around those two, sadly.

- Brad Maddox needs to be pushed and given a real angle. He's great.

- Brock Lesnar should be re-signed to a new contract in 2013. He's a mega-draw for WWE.

- Antonio Cesaro will be a major player by the end of 2013.

- Biggest one, I think 2013 will have WWE lose money and go even lower in ratings post-WrestleMania, which will ultimately force Vince McMahon's hand to change the product completely and give it a solid direction. I'm not saying Attitude Era, but Ruthless Aggression Era-esque possibly. The talent is there.
If that guy is around sign me up for tuning in every week. I saw some of his matches this year and he just make **** look real. That guy is a monster.

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