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12-31-2012, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by EM71 View Post
Technically its only 2.84ppg. And over his last 13 games Mozyakin has 29 points which is a 2.23 ppg. But since they chopped off 2 games from the regular season, down from 54 last year(and lets not forget that he's also didn't play in 2 other games this year), yes I agree its pretty much impossible. At 54 games and if Malkin stayed he'd have a slim chance, would of needed 37 in 15, a 2.47ppg rate.

As for the 1.6ppg, that was 8 games into the season (4 for Malkin & 6 for Mozyakin). Obviously ppg statistics are going to be exaggerated in some way due to the small sample size. I don't think anyone would dare suggest that they we're playing as good or even better(Malkin after game 8, his 4th > 1.75ppg now 1.69ppg, Mozyakin after game 8 his 6th > 1.67ppg now 1.70ppg) as they are now simply because their ppg was similar or higher 4 & 6 games into their respective seasons.
Point being they would have to go into a major slump for their ppg to drop back down anywhere near 1.2 and seeing them play right now I just don't see that happening.
No no, there was a burst after they were basically 1 PPG players up to like 1.6 PPG, then went down to 1.2-1.3.

Anyways I can say this streak is pretty much over. 9 of their 10 games in January are against playoff teams, including Traktor x2, Dynamo, CSKA, Ak Bars, and Ska. So what I'm saying is, even the 80 point record may not even be in reach.

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