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Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
No but why even compare their numbers then? To show comparing numbers is silly? I think you bringing up comparisons of his numbers vs players much much better actually went against what you were implying

Im simply disagreeing that these stars would all of a sudden suffer if they came here. Stars are stars. They are highly touted for a reason.

We dont even have a star or top 10 pick potential, so to judge what a player could do here if they played on this team is a bit strange to me

RNH would still be dominating on the PP here or any team he played on. Just like the NHL, a star will get his points, they always do. Nash isn't going to get any more pts in New York. Its teh fringe and 2nd tier players where it matters when and where they play
I'm not sure if you're getting the point of such a comparison with ES points.

It's that even at 5-on-5 - with much worse linemates to boot - JS has been able to nearly match the Oilers' stars on an ES pts/game basis: 0.536 vs. 0.585 averaged for RNH, Eberle and Schultz, not counting today's game.

AND they have the benefit of playing with skilled players literally all the time, plus 1st line ice-time whereas on this team Arniel keeps force-feeding Ebbett and Haydar top minutes at evens and PP.

Now PP's are what really separate their point totals, and if you still contend that "Well, if a star player like RNH or Eberle were on the Wolves, they'd still put up lots of PP points", then you're really neglecting the team aspect of the game. Hockey is such a team sport that it's generally difficult for a star player to dominate one contest, let alone over 30. You need good teammates with you to do well (coaching too I might add). It's unrealistic to think that one of those guys could just be a one man show on the Wolves' PP when you factor in who they'd be out there with.

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