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12-31-2012, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Finland definitely had a ton of high profile individuals for whom this is not a worthy result. However, as a team they played in a manner that got them exactly what they deserved.

No single reason to point out. Instead, let's call it a... sum of several small things, too many to list. As lone occurences they would not have had much of an effect, but when they piled up, the result was this cockup we just witnessed.

Some could maybe have been prevented with different choices, others were just freak accidents.
Not that Canada's expectations were so high in 1998 after winning 5 straight golds, but trust me, I know how it feels when everything goes wrong. We were fourth in our pool when there was no bye and still couldn't get it together. Final insult was losing 6-3 to Kazakhstan. It can happen to anyone.

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