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12-31-2012, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
Lehner has dominated in the past in the AHL. We knew he was capable of it, and he played extremely well in the NHL too.

Even in 2011-12, I thought it wasn't really necessary to sign Auld. But I thought well for sure he'll be in the NHL in 2012-13. But then they got Bishop

There is Zero need. He's NHL ready.

Even if you think Lehner should in the AHL this year, regardless of the lockout, just to play many games, you don't give up a 2nd rounder in a deep draft for a backup. There's no way around it. Sign a backup goalie in free agency or give up a 6th rounder. Not a 2nd rounder.

Anderson = #1 goalie of the present
Lehner = #1 goalie of the future who is ready/almost ready

Bishop won't play many games. He will never get the Sens the value of a 2nd round pick back if they flip him.

And finally, Lehner and Anderson could split games in the NHL. Lehner wouldn't be riding the pine.
Look, the issue between you and I in this argument is that we have, at the very root of this debate, much different philosophies on how to properly develop prospects. From my point of view on "how goalie prospects should be handled" (give them as many starts as possible for as long as possible), the Bishop trade was invaluable. From your point of view (a half-season's worth of impressive starts = NHL ready), the Bishop trade was a bad one.

The sooner we both realize that our differences here stem from you just not knowing how to properly develop prospects, the better.

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