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12-31-2012, 08:55 PM
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vCash: 50, this kid scares me. It seems like so many are pretty high on him and I just don't get it. The stats show he was awesome but what I've seen (a few NHL games) leaves me VERY underwhelmed by him. His stats in the AHL are also not anything to write home about. I hear second hand reports that he looks good at certain games and the stats for certain games back that up...but...

When we are sitting on team with a lot of defensive talent in the pipeline I'm not sure where he should be rated. It sure seems like Barrie has taken him over as the small-gifted offensive d-man. Although I know folks will say it takes longer for D-men to mature at the NHL level. It also looks like like Duncan has regressed since signing with the AVs. I almost believe the AVs have a curse and can't draft/sign a great d-man...regardless of size or role. Maybe it is the team's lot to always fill those top-slots with trades.

I'm too lazy to start a thread and keep tabs on it, but at this point where do y'all think is the pecking order for the AVs d-men. I'm now more inclined to think Wilson is a keeper and I'm not disappointed by the resigning of O'Brien either. O'Brien ,I hope, will get better with the stupid penalties over time and Wilson has shown good chemistry with Big J.

I'm just not sold as I used to be on the fact that we have a bunch of kids ready for NHL jobs as I was a year or two ago. But then again, I do remember hating on the coaching staff for not saving a spot for Johny B for many years and then feeling terrible watching him become a big part of the Bruin's d unit.

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