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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
Honestly I was not concentrating on the game in the third period so I may have missed some nice saves. I should have mentioned that earlier.

I'd like to make it clear that nowhere in this thread have I said Dubnyk played badly, I just don't think that adjectives like "unreal" and "sensational" apply. He was fine against mostly outmatched and inferior teams - as he should be. I'm certainly not going to rate that as a big surprise.

Unlike say Schneider (who got lit up by team Canada) Dubnyk barely had to face any NHL shooters. Kane was practically invisible and Hornqvist and Talbot didn't scare anybody either.
No sir, no one said you said he was bad either. It is very very easy to counter your arguement of no t many NHL shooters by quickly taking a look at the names on team Canada's defense... 1 current NHLer??? You gotta step back and look at the whole picture son... The bottom line is that it's a thin line and some times politics or a half an inch in height or 5 lbs or a half a second that makes one guy an NHL player over another. Listen to every interview if you'd like, there isn't a single "NHL" player that feels he should look down on players in any of those leagues that you in all your infinite wisdon feel righteous in doing. It is dam good hockey. Also, better hockey this year than most others for sure.

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