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Originally Posted by scotchex View Post
The Bills aren't Toronto's team. Toronto considers itself in a class above Buffalo. It's the biggest, most powerful, most important city in Canada. Buffalo isn't the most important city in it's own state.

If the Bills relocated to Toronto and became the Toronto Bills (or something else) -- fan interest would explode overnight.

It'd be like if the San Diego Chargers had a deal to play some games in LA. LA considers itself above San Diego. LA wants its own team, not the scraps from a smaller, lesser city.

What's holding up an NFL team in Toronto is politics -- not economics or fan interest. An NFL team in Toronto is a mortal threat to the CFL. Toronto would benefit but the rest of Canada would suffer -- at least that's what they fear.
This is typical of Toronto NFL fanboys. They like to reason amongst themselves that the NFL won't come to town because it will threaten the very existence of the CFL. In their blind devotion to all things NFLish, they fail to realize that

1) they do not have a proper NFL facility and no, a retrofitted Rogers Centre is not a long-term solution. No private interests will spend $1 billion on a facility and the city and province can't afford to spend more than a token amount.

2) Toronto is in Buffalo Bills' territory and with the signing of a long-term lease the BIlls won't be going anywhere.

3) The NFL team cannot be owned by a corporation. Thus, Rogers cannot own a team and there is no clear consensus as to who would.

These are the primary reasons why Toronto should not expect an NFL team in their city(and I haven't even covered Toronto's questionable long-term support of the team either), not some silly little notion that the CFL is preventing it from happening.

NFL fanboys in Toronto have to come to terms with their city's shortcomings with regards to the NFL (no stadium, no owner and in Bills' territory). Don't blame it on other external forces to try and console yourselves with why you don't have an NFL team. It comes across as rather desparate and pathetic.

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