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12-31-2012, 09:47 PM
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Mantha was born one day after the cut-off for the 2012 draft, so he's older than Erne and almost a full year older than the youngest players in the draft class like MacKinnon and Barkov.

Erne is also a more well-rounded player, while there are concerns about Mantha floating, not playing well in his own zone, not using his size to his advantage and consistency. He's a very highly skilled offensive player, but he's got a lot to work on.

Both of them are worthy of being mid-1st round picks, but Erne is known for going into the crease, battling for pucks, along with offensive skill and a great shot and monster hits.

The fact that these types of players are going to be available in the top 15 maybe even top 20 shows how deep this draft class is.
Thanks for the reply.
A lot of things I've heard about Mantha remind me of the guy that was traded to the NYR last summer. Good skater with size and great shot, future top-line power forward. Mantha's got 3 fighting majors this season, which is a rare thing for a guy who's trying to avoid physical contacts. Also you can teach how to use your size, but you can't teach size.
Well, I just thought a guy like that could get at least a few votes in a such poll.

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