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Originally Posted by Kyle93 View Post
Re-watching the Narnia trilogy as I have only seen the first one lol.

and movies like superbad and pineapple express:
-Knocked up
-40 year old virgin
-Role Models
-Get him to the greek
-Step Brothers

are a few suggestions if you haven`t already seen them.
I remember watching the Prince Caspian one with some total ****ing babe.

Knocked Up - seen the trailers and what not, tbh it looks so ****** and boring
40 year old virgin - ^
Anchorman - ^^
Role Models - the trailer looks pretty good
Get him to the Greek - probably the best looking one
Step Brothers - haven't seen it in awhile, might watch that

Thanks for the suggestions, cause you mentioned it now I feel like watching Narnia or something haha maybe Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter maybe. Believe it or not, I've only seen one Lord of the Rings movie and one Harry Potter. What's some cool fantasy adventure, magical series with violence, drama, love, etc.?

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