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12-31-2012, 10:38 PM
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*** Totally based on gut feeling**

This is done a little strangely but this is mostly based on who I think will have the most NHL impact. The top 10 are ones I think will for sure make the NHL. I ranked these guys more on what I think they are safe bets to be, more so than total upside. For example Smith has more upside than Oullete but I think the latter is more likely to settle as a solid dependable top pairing dman. The latter 10 are those I have serious questions about making the NHL, and are ranked purely on potential.

My sure bets

1. Nyquist- I think he going to be an absolutely dynamic NHL winger. I fully expect him to be a 30/50 type of player.

2. Mrzaek- The guy just continues to put up at every level and every situation. Plus he has the attitude to be the next great euro goaltender. He has a Hasek like compete level, and I think he might have the skills to back it up (not at a Hasek level mind you). I think he has starter written all over him.

3. Xavier Oullete- He is just such a solid all around player. He has 1st pair 2 way dman written all over him. I don't think he'll ever top much over 40 pts at an NHL level but his grittiness and leadership ability will make up for the lack of elite offensive ability.

4. Brendan Smith- I rank Oullete over him only because I question if Smith will ever be able to grasp the defensive game enough to be a true elite player. I'd say he has the higher top level of the two but I think Oullete is the safer pick of the two. At worst I'd say Smith is probably a 50 pt, 15/20 goal PP specialist, which isn't bad at all.

5. Calle Jarnkrok- I think he'll be a fantastic 2nd line center, but I don't quite see him ever gaining enough physicality to dominate at an NHL level. I think he tops out at 70pts most of which will be PP points. I see him as a Saku Koivu level player (not necessarily playing style).

6. Tomas Tatar- Somewhere in between Hudler and Kozzie. IE an amazing 3rd liner and a very solid 2nd liner. He'll never anchor a line himself but I could see him being one of those clutch matchup players that scores crucial goals. Plus I just love the kids love of the game.

7. Mattias Backman- I think he is going to surprise a lot of people and develop into a really solid defensive top 4 dman with a good first pass. He'll be a minute eater and those are crucial.

8. Ryan Sproul- PP specialist 4/5 dman. His shot will get him to the NHL, if his defensive game follows watch out.

9. Riley Sheahen- Keith Primeau light. I think he'll be a very solid 2/3rd line player that is fantastic on the PK, can put up some points, but can't be relied upon a consistent offensive player.

10. Landon Ferraro- 3rd/ 4th liner. Has a bit of a scoring touch ala Malts in his prime, but mostly known for his great pk work and energy play.

HM: Lashoff and Andersson- I see both being NHL/AHL tweener guys so while I think they'll get some NHL games I don't see them as permanent players.

Boom/ Bust guys: Some of these guys have more potential than the top 10 guys, but I just have serious doubts that they will ever make the NHL.

11. Tomas Jurco- The guy could be the best offensive prospect we have in the system but he has a ton of questions. If he doesn't make it as a top 6 guy, I doubt he ever makes it. Give him a few more years in the AHL and my opinion could easily change.

12. Alexei Marchenko- Injuries and lack of playing time are starting to derail his development process. If he gets to the AHL soon or at least gets some playing time in the KHL he could develop into a top 4, but at this point he has a ton to prove.

13.. Martin Frk- Great shot and some physicality to boot. Doesn't seem to quite be able to put it all together and seems to have some major focus issues.

14. Adam Almqvist- Guy has great offensive vision but he is still tiny, and isn't an elite skater. If he can develop the physicality he could really surprise and make the NHL in a PP QB role. He has a long way to go on the strength scale however.

15. Andreas Athanasiou- They say his skating will get him to the AHL, but I don't know if I buy that entirely. I just think he has to continue showing consistency before I call him a sure thing.

16. Teemu Pulkinen- I see him as a PP specialist at best. He has a great shot but I just don't see him as a true top 6 player.

17. Marek Tvrdon- Another player that could have a solid future ahead of him but injuries are starting to cut into his development time. If he can get and stay healthy I could see him as a 2/3 liner that is in the new mold of PF like Franzen.

18. Nicklas Jensen- Good skating dman that may or may not be able to translate his game to the AHL level.

19. Luis Aubry- Eventually he has to start bulking up. His size will give him a chance in the NHL as a 4th liner if he stops being a beanpole. Without the dominating size though I question if he'll ever even get a sniff.

20.. Alan Quine- I see him more an a solid CHL guy that doesn't really develop into much.

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