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12-31-2012, 11:43 PM
Sean McG
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Originally Posted by duxfan8 View Post
It's hard to call Ennis or Hodgson prospects (if that's what you meant), and neither are close to first line centers. You are clearly in denial if you believe they are capable of playing as first line centers. Grig is the only player the Sabres have that has top line center potential, and that is no given. You clearly overrate your players and do not understand the value of a big, top line center. It's alright though, because the Ducks won't be moving Getzlaf. He already has stated he wants to resign with the Ducks and the Ducks would obviously want him back.

But in all seriousness do you believe Ennis or Hodgson are going to be good first line centers? Ennis stands at 5'9". Hodgson is a small 6', and hasn't amounted to anything so far. You have an abundance of small centers, most of whom are not even capable of the second line. Congrats for being "knowledgeable" about your own players. You have no top line center, even in fairytale land. And the only part that was sarcastic about my post was asking who your top line center was (Ott or Gerbe), but really, they are right there for the hunt for the Sabres' best center (even though Ott rarely plays C anymore). Good luck finding a real top line center.
I guess this means Sidney Crosby, standing only a measly 5'11, isn't a first line center then? Nor is the puny 6' John Tavares? Since when was there a height requirement for number one centermen? Hell, Wayne was 6'.

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