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Originally Posted by adsfan View Post
Packers titles 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967 under Lombardi (7 to 11). The stadium capacity went from 39K to 51K during those years. Where did they get the players for 1961? Was it all of that NFL money that came in or the sellout string than started in 1960 and continues until today or the stock sales to the fans? Why didn't they win another SuperBowl until 1996 (#12) with that NFL revenue? For 2011, the Packers generated 130 million in local revenue, or 43%. They received 172 million in TV money and road receipts. Expenses were 259 million, including 1 home playoff game.

The Packers are still in Green Bay because the team can't be moved. It stays in Green Bay with local ownership or it gets dissolved and the money remaining from the sale after expenses goes to charity. They have no owner, only a board of directors. BTW, with the current expansion, paid for entirely by the team, Lambeau Field will be the 4th largest NFL stadium at nearly 80K capacity for 2013.
You ARE aware there was no free agency back in the 1960s right? Or are you calling Commissioner Rozelle a liar when he testified in court that the NFL's revenue sharing was the only thing keeping the Packers in existence (see Davis vs Rozelle et al). Or perhaps it's just that your a Packers homer who's had his pride wounded when someone points out the economic realities of tiny towns and big league sports.

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