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Maybe it's unrealistic to expect him to raise his play significantly, but it is certainly not to expect him to elevate his level of play. Galchenyuk one of the most offensively dynamic players in the entire CHL and he hasn't been creating. When you're that skilled, you can carry a line. He hasn't done that. The only times he's looked dangerous are the shifts where he's gotten a point. I think the fact that he has 7 points while playing as bad as he has is a testament to how skilled he actually is.

Now I certainly don't want to put the blame all on him. Housley makes Jacques Beaulieu look like a great coach. I don't know why he hasn't recognized that the Galchenyuk-Karuly-Barber line has zero chemistry. Barber has actually played his best hockey when he's been away from the line and don't get me started on Karuly. There was one moment in today's game where Galchenyuk started the cycle and went to get open. By the time Galchenyuk got open, Karuly blindly threw a pass around the boards thinking Galchenyuk was still there. Personally, I really liked the Galchenyuk-Kuraly-Lucia line that played the first Pre-Tournament game. Trocheck and Galchenyuk didn't really look very good in their Pre-Tournament game, but I think their styles would mesh well. I'd like to see a Galchenyuk-Trocheck-Lucia/Miller line.

The individual things that Galchenyuk could work on would be his shot, passing, and stickhandling. His shots are always slightly high and wide, his passes are too powerful and a bit high, and he's stickhandling a little too much (today specifically). Today he had two turnovers that wouldn't have happened if he just kept things simple. I want to say that his passing and shooting can be attributed to the larger ice, but I'm not sure if that is case. The circle (where he likes to shot from) is located in the exact same spot as it is on smaller ice. Maybe his passing is affected though. Sure his Karuly and Barber aren't getting him to the puck, but great player recognize that and find a way to get open so they can. Galchenyuk hasn't been doing a great job of getting open.

The biggest thing that he has to work on though is his mentality on the ice. It's never ever been a problem, until now. He's not backchecking at all, his defensive game is non-existent, and doesn't seem very willing in engaging along the boards. He usually never has a problem doing any of those things.

This is the worst stretch of hockey he's played since the beginning of the season. After that fifth game I don't recall him having two poor games in a row, he's had three now. I have this weird feeling were going to be seeing a big game from Galchenyuk soon though. You could see the relief on his face after he buried that goal late in the game.
Jesus. The kid is 18 years old, playing against the very best players in the world his own age, including some NHL level players, far from home, and you go on and on. Relax. I really can't stand massive analysis of 18 year old players. He's not a pro, he's a kid. At that age, it's skate, shoot, pass hard. That's what it should be. That's all.

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