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01-01-2013, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
One thing I wish Rienhart had more of is BITE. He seems to lack confidence at times and maybe makes the safe play too often. His role on this team is to play mistake-free sound defense, make no mistake. They have enough risk-takers out there in Rielly, Murphy and Hamilton - they don't need another one.

But Reinhart has untapped offensive potential but seems to be playing a little too safe out there.

He's been physical when he's had to be, moving players in front, keeping forwards away from the net off the rush and maintaining body position along the boards.

Once he gets back to EDM, I'd love to see him develop his offense more, carry the puck more and take a leadership role offensively. That's what his game needs most in terms of development and that's what the CHL is perfect for, in his case.

Overall though, impressive player with a great tool-kit. Glad he's in the system!
One little thing I noticed about Reinhart that goes unnoticed a lot, especially if folks are just scoresheet watching, is he doesn't make the dumb play.

What I mean by that is, sometimes you'll see a defenseman attempt a reversal without looking who is there, or attempt a pass when high off the glass is safer. Reinhart always seems to pick the safe play, and thus, doesn't seem to cost his team with stupid fancy passes or boneheaded giveaways.

He needs work on his footspeed, IMO, as the very few times he seemed to have trouble was being beaten to the outside, and I agree that a bit more consistent physicality would add to his game. But from the games I've seen, he's an incredibly safe and smart player with a crisp pass, who I feel more than comfortable seeing on the ice for Canada (unlike Murphy, whose insistence on going on end to end rushes every freakin' time he has the puck has me cursing at the TV).


As for Strome, I think you're seeing in this tournament why he plays center and why he'll likely play center for the Islanders. It's where his game thrives. He's a passer, he likes to control the flow of the play, and likes to dictate where the offensive chances come from.

IMO, if he's played on the wing he'll be playing opposite his strengths. Strome's the kind of player best utilized when the offense goes through him. If he's moved to the wing, he'll be more of a secondary guy whose job it is to get open or to crash the net, rather than be the guy who carries the puck and sets up chances.

A good example of this is Mark Scheifele on the wing at the WJC, as opposed to Scheifele back in Barrie at center. He's more of a "crash the net, get open and wait for a pass from the center" type player at the WJC than he is in Barrie, where he handles the puck more and generally the offense goes through him. Granted, I think the transition is easier for a guy like Scheifele, because of his size and his ability to bang and crash the net. But I don't think you want Strome doing that.

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