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01-01-2013, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Well, like I said Kimota, Im well aware that such sentiments do exist, however, I dont encounter them myself beyond this site and in the scribblings of some less than enlightened media pundits primarily from central Canada. Personally, I was initially against Expansion in 67-68, however, after seeing how people responded in places like St.Louis & Philadelphia etc, the way the teams were put together, the interesting players who we'd have otherwise likely never have gotten to appreciate, I changed my tune, and wish others would do the same. Embrace these newer teams, support their efforts to succeed, welcome them.
Personaly I would like to, but give me a reason to care. Wich teams I care about for example? Nashville and Carolina because they are well-run franchises.

But really this sentiment I talked about, was mostly seen over time by me when I talk hockey with colleges, friends, family members, guys I play hockey with and it's even shared by most hockey tv personalities in Quebec. I did not travel far for it, but it's a perception I presume is shared by people living in Saskatchowan or any parts in Canada and hockey hot beds. Especially hardworking people that live and breath hockey. Although I may be wrong.

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