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Originally Posted by SEALVESTER View Post
I know it might be a little late, but who else saw these sweaters and thought
I kind of like them. It probably could use another color, or a different shade of orange, but it's a 3rd jersey, so who gives a ****?

Here's another pic.

It could have a Polar Bear wearing sunglasses somewhere in it, but for a retro style sweater, I could totally see that being the Solar Bears sweater in like the 30's.

I like the logo enough that the rest is secondary.

and given that the next two games, Orlando will be wearing pink sweaters, that was probably the best time, and performance, to unleash them.

The cancer awareness sweaters may be making the best of a bad situation as a colored sock might have gone in with the Bears whites.

So I got NHL 13 for Christmas. I couldn't stomach playing it any earlier, (and I still have trouble) but when I was going through the rosters to create a Solar Bears team like I always do, besides the usual suspects who have survived since 2001, I got really excited to see new guys in the game for some reason, although I knew some of them would be there.

Scott Tanski? Nick Petersen? John Curry? Olivier Fortier? I know them! (well, I don't know them, but I've watched them play)

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