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Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
Because again, those people always get it right.
They've watched him far more than you have. I'll take their word over yours.

Im judging him more on his lack of production over his 114 game college career than anything else.
Even if you were judging him on his college career, which you're not, you're still leaving out a point per game junior season being the leading scorer on a national champion.

Subjective? Please. You cant a couple lines later say my opinion is stats driven, but then say its subjective. You cant have it both ways.
No it IS that way because you use a stat to make one point when there are other stats there that DISPROVE your point at a higher level at you ignore them.

This isn't hard to see.

Nope, not ignoring anything. Just not massively overvaluing a 32 point pace over an 18 game sample size. The way some of you guys talk, you would think he came into the playoffs and put up a point a game.
20-25 goal pace as a rookie, did it in the playoffs none the less. 3 of his 5 goals came against Jersey in a 6 game series. I'll take the production at the highest level he's ever played at in his career over your word and an ok college career.

Again, the crappy team argument would have a little validity if he wasnt his teams 11th leading scorer.
Again, try playing with a goon and a 50-man filler.

Of course its a small sample size. Its a slightly larger sample size than his 32 point pace NHL playoffs performance. But its not the be-all end-all of my argument. His mediocre production over 114 college games is fr more important.
His college production is more important than how he performed in the NHL. I guess the same can be said for others than too. Amazing argument, excellent logic.

Yes, they are history and odds driven. History and the odds show that players that dont produce that much in juniors and college go on to produce not that much at the highest level in the world. Its wishful thinking expecting to be him the exception and not the rule.
And that's why he's enjoyed his greatest success so far at the NHL level.

Not saying he's the exception to the rule, but you look ridiculous right now saying something like that.

Your boy GWOW has repeated the same garbage points and BS excuses. repeating BS doesnt suddenly make him any more correct.
Oh, it doesn't for him, but does for you? Because that's all you've done so far. I've seen no reasoning as to why college numbers should be more impotant than NHL numbers.

We're not judging his college or AHL career, we're judging the ability he has at the NHL level and the potential to grow on that. You don't judge that through previous college play or AHL play after he came up and had success after jumping past the AHL to go into the NHL playoffs.

You can say all you want about his college career, but at the end of the day, you still discount the fact that he did something that Reilly Smith, Jaden Schwartz and all of these others weren't doing... being a major contributor to their team deep into the playoffs.

This whole thread is typical HF. You say something that isnt glowing about a teams prospect, and of course the "defend them to the death" mindset immediately takes over. Guess what, not everyone's top prospect is going to be a 1st or 2nd line caliber player.
No YOU are the personification of HF hypocrisy. You'll be the first to hype your own team's prospect up as if he's the next one, but you'll turn around and say that another team's fans shouldn't be doing that and their player is crap, but when the rules are applied to his own team's player, well those rules suck and are false.

You talk about others regurgitating the same BS arguments, that's ALL THAT YOU'VE DONE in this thread. Pot, meet kettle.

You might have changed the wording slightly, but we still see the same double-standard crappy argument that you've been repeating since the dawn of time.

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